ABIP – Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

A contractual arrangement between ABA and the FCC can allow Alabama stations to have a three year period of immunity from random inspections by the FCC Atlanta Field Office Bureau.

The inspector does a complete FCC style inspection of your station(s) and gives you a confidential report that outlines any problems or any violations found.  The inspection covers non-technical (public file, etc.) matters as well as technical matters.

It is the station’s obligation to correct any problems found within a specified period of time.  The FCC will be notified of your compliance when confirmed by Mr. Wilkins and the FCC AGREES NOT TO PERFORM A RANDOM INSPECTION OF YOUR STATION(S) FOR THREE YEARS.  The Alabama Broadcasters Association suggests that you prepare for the inspection and correct any known problems before entering into this alternate inspection process.


 The ABA waives inspection fees for ABA members, provided that the station remains an ABA member throughout the three (3) year period covered by the Certification of Compliance.

Both member and non-member stations will be billed by the ABA for any travel expenses incurred by the inspector. The inspector will make every effort to schedule other inspections in the same area to help reduce the expenses to each station.

Should the station cancel its membership during the three year period, the ABA will bill station for the inspections at a rate $300 less than the rate listed below for non-member stations:

  • First FM, TV or non-directional AM….$450.00
  • First Directional AM……………………….$550.00

Each additional station (in the same market) will be one half price of the first of the same class.

 These prices are plus travel expenses.


After receipt of agreement you will be contacted to schedule your inspection. Your three year immunity from FCC random inspections can start prior to your actual inspection.


FAX: (205) 982-0015

MAIL: ABA, 2180 Parkway Lake Drive, Hoover AL 35244

If you have any questions pertaining to compliance or details of this process, contact the ABA. ABIP Inspector Larry Wilkins, or his designated representative, is a contractor with the ABA, not the FCC, but with the full knowledge and consent of the FCC through the contractual agreement between ABA and the FCC.

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