Alabama EAS Monitoring Asssignments

effective 10/31/13

All Alabama radio and television stations along with all cable television systems in the state are required to adhere to the following EAS monitoring assignments.

This supersedes any other assignments you may have been following. Should you have any technical problems receiving the required stations contact the ABA EAS coordinator Larry Wilkins.

The Federal Communications Commission requires all participants to monitor two (2) sources. In Alabama those sources are as follows.

Monitor Source #1 Alabama Public Television Network

Participants should monitor the nearest APT transmitter:

Huntsville area WHIQ-TV channel 24
Florence area WFIQ-TV channel 22
Mt Cheaha area WCIQ-TV channel 7
Birmingham area WBIQ-TV channel 10
Demopolis area WIIQ-TV channel 19
Montgomery area WAIQ-TV channel 27
Andalusia area WDIQ-TV channel 10
Mobile area WEIQ-TV channel 42
Dothan area WGIQ-TV channel 44

Monitor Source #2 Global Security System Satellite Net

(Stations highlighted in red are public radio stations that monitor the FEMA channel from
NPR. If you are able to receive one of these stations in your area, use it as your primary source.)

Participants should monitor at least one of the following stations in your area:

North East Counties
WZYP-FM Athens 104.3
WDRM-FM Decatur 102.1
WKEA-FM Scottsboro 98.3

North West Counties
WQLT-FM Florence 107.3
WQPR-FM Muscle Shoals 88.7

North Central Counties
WZZK-FM Birmingham 104.7
WJOX-FM Birmingham 94.5

North Central East Counties
WVOK-FM Oxford 97.9
WQSB-FM Albertville 105.1

West Central Counties
WTXT-FM Fayette 98.1
WUAL-FM Tuscaloosa 91.5

South Central Counties
WLWI-FM Montgomery 92.3
WBAM-FM Montgomery 98.9
WTSU-FM Montgomery 89.9

South Central East Counties
WTJB-FM Phenix City 91.7
WELR-FM Roanoke 102.3

South Central West Counties
WINL-FM Linden 98.5
WALX-FM Orrville 100.9
WAPR-FM Selma 88.3

South East counties
WOOF-FM Dothan 99.7
WKMX-FM Enterprise 106.7
WRWA-FM Dothan 88.7

South West counties
WDLT-FM Saraland 104.1
WABD-FM Mobile 97.5
WHIL-FM Mobile 91.3
WZEW-FM Fairhope 92.1
WMFC-FM Monroeville 99.3
WLVM-FM Chickasaw 98.3

Present rules required that all participants receive and log the reception of the Required Weekly Test (RWT) from both sources. Stations should also log the reception of RWT sent by the IPAWS CAP server.

Participants are also required to receive and relay the Required Monthly Test (RMT) from one of the sources. The reception and relay of the RMT should also be logged.

Each week participants should transmit and log their own Required Weekly Test.

The Chief Operator of the station is required to review and sign this log weekly to
ascertain that all tests were received, relayed and/or transmitted correctly.

Should you have any questions or comments contact Larry Wilkins.

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