Engineering Notebook – Recent FCC updates affecting Engineering

July 4, 2015

Sometime station engineers, because of “workload” or “not being in the loop”, miss important updates from the FCC that affect the technical department.

Here is a brief outline of some of the more recent changes…

 Audible Crawl Rule:

The FCC adopted an Audible Crawl Rule back in … Continue reading

Engineering Notebook – FCC issues proposed new rules for national EAS test

June 12, 2015

Update to EAS Equipment

Most engineers have read or heard about the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning changes to the EAS operation involving national level test.

In its 6th Report and Order the Commission has proposed the following changes….

1.   Adopt “six zeroes” (000000) as the … Continue reading

Engineering Notebook – Important Update Concerning TV Technical Operations

Television Engineers take note!!!

As the FCC continues to align items for the upcoming television auction, it was announce that the Commission has developed – and obtained OMB approval of – Form 2100, Schedule 381. That’s the form that will have to be completed and filed, at some point in the … Continue reading

Engineering Notebook: Special 2 day seminar for radio engineers

February 20, 2015

ABA Engineering Academy offers Advanced Radio Broadcast Engineering Seminar

Broadcast engineers have only one responsibility at their station….(pause till laughter fades).

That responsibility is to take the product that is presented to them by the programming department and deliver it to the station’s customers (listeners) with the … Continue reading

Engineering Notebook – Important Update to DASDEC EAS Units

October 30, 2014

If you have a DasDec EAS unit please note the following release from Digital Alert:

This Field Service Bulletin provides important guidance on how to remove an unauthorized national EAN alert from the DASDEC alert queue.  If this bogus EAN message was received by a DASDEC, it … Continue reading