Member Testimonials

“Every person owes a part of his or her time and money to the business or industry in which he or she is engaged. No one has a moral right to withhold that support from an organization that is working to improve conditions in that industry.”
Teddy Roosevelt

“Thank you for helping us find a new technician by letting me post the announcement on the ABA job page. We found just the person we needed! Thank you also for maintaining such a nice website. I found out by visiting the Hall of Fame page today that three of my former bosses have passed away. Jim Stewart, WHEP Foley, Bernie Dittman, WABB Mobile, and Clyde Price, WACT Tuscaloosa. Great guys all!”
Jim Johnson
Manager, Media Services
Division of Academic Outreach
College of Continuing Studies
The University of Alabama
ACCESS Central Alabama Support
Box 870388, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0388
(205) 348-2105 phone, (205) 348-1635 fax

“The ABA newsletters are well done, timely and topical. I don’t remember getting this kind of service from any of the other Broadcasters Associations with which I have worked. Well done! Many thanks and best wishes.”
Mario Mazza
General Manager

“[ABA Scholarship recipient] Chelsea Wells is my intern for this summer! We are having a ball and she is doing a fabulous job! I’m so proud of her and thank you for choosing her. She truly deserves it. She is the hardest working student that I have EVER worked with!”
Erica Fox, News & Public Affairs Director
Alabama A&M University

“Thank you so much for these (E News) letters! They are great for professors, too. I employ them in our intro class to show kids that what they are learning is real world stuff–cool!”
Pam Doyle Tran
UA Professor
Broadcast News

“Had a great Convention at Point Clear. I probably got more from this one convention than I have in many previous conventions. You had content that was pertintent to the operation of our business. I got more info from the vendors than ever before. I just thought everything was great for our meetings. Shelia and I enjoyed it very much. ”
Jerry Baker
Centre AL

“Just wanted you to know I thought everything [at the recent Convention] was first-rate all the way. You did a great job putting this together. I loved it! This is the first time for me to actually meet in person many of the Alabama broadcasters that I have talked with years.
Donna Sue Jordan
Media Software Sales Manager
Marketron Broadcast Solutions

“I just rented a car and used the ABA Hertz discount card and saved $100. Thanks!”
Bill Ballard

“I have to say the Paul Weyland videos were some of the best training I have ever received in my 15+ years in radio sales. Thank you!”
Don Jardine
Clear Channel

“My name is Whit McGhee and I am the Program Director of 97.9 WVOK-FM in Oxford. I would like to thank the ABA for holding the (programming) seminar this weekend for radio. Only about 4 people showed up for the seminar and after lunch I was the only person left. Even though the attendance was low, I greatly appreciate Steve Warren’s presentation. I feel that many of Alabama’s radio programmers and broadcasters missed out on an excellent seminar and I hope that this isn’t a reflection on the state of radio in Alabama. I believe I got a great deal out of Saturday’s seminar and I would like to publicly thank the Association for holding this event. I look forward to participating in future ABA events.”
Whit McGhee
Program Director
Oxford, AL

“The inaugural ABBY event was first-class. Kudos to the organization’s leadership to establish such a meaningful tribute to Alabama’s broadcast professionals. Participation is certain to grow exponentially as a result of your spectacular efforts.”
Carrie Kurlander
Director, Corporate Communications
Alabama Power Company

“What can I say about Saturday night that everyone that was there has not already said! I know it took many days, long hours and hard work and achieve the success we enjoyed Saturday night. Saturday night was “the bourbon sauce to a great bread puddin”!!!! To each of you…THANK YOU.”
Jim Roling

“I just wanted to thank the ABA for sponsoring the TV seminar. It was extremely valuable. Thanks again… I greatly enjoyed it.”
Chris Pollone
News Reporter
WVTM Birmingham

“Thanks for the wonderful weekend…a first-class job! The TV storytelling seminar was fantastic. It will change the way I think from start to finish when working on a story.”
Kevin Presley

“Just a note to say we had a great time at the event Saturday night (ABBY Awards) and we want to say thanks for the wonderful hospitality. Looking forward to next year.”
Rick Sisk
Program Director

I have never been more proud of our association than I was on Saturday night. It was a spectacular event. Well planned, well executed, first class in every respect. As my wife Toy said on the way home, ‘That was a lot of fun.”
David R. DuBose
Vice President-Market Manager
Cox Radio Inc, Birmingham

“What a nice event Saturday night! I think you scored a big win with the first ever ABBY Awards. It was a very nice evening and I know the folks at our table had a great time. Thanks so much for arranging for the folks from WVOK in Anniston to sit at our table. We really enjoyed them and we laughed so much we hurt. Well done, my friend. I’m looking forward to the ABBY Awards in 2008!”
Susan Delenne

“I just wanted to thank you again for an excellent evening last night. Leigh Anne and I enjoyed everything from the food and Roy to of course, the award. Thanks again.”
Michael Butler
Tallassee, AL
ABA 2007 Radio Station of the Year

“I love this newsletter. This is my first time receiving it. Please keep the
information coming!!!”
Erica Fox
News & Public Affairs Director
Alabama A&M University

“The Alabama Broadcasters Association Public Education Program provides exceptional recognition and return on investment for programs and services that associations throughout the state make available to citizens. It is a true public service that the ABA provides and a great marketing opportunity for non-profit organizations to ‘strut our stuff.'”
Brad Carr
Alabama State Bar

“I really enjoyed the seminar on Tuesday, October 17th. It was interesting to see that many of the Traffic Directors experience some of the same challenges that I do. We would all like to see things flow and run more smoothly. What I have learned is that radio is always changing. We will always have last minute contracts turned in and last minute copy changes. I would really like ABA to have another seminar for Traffic Directors, GM’s and Sales together. Larry Keene gave some great info on how to eliminate bonus spots and I got some ideas about time management. I would like to explain to Sales about continuity/co-op copy, and isci codes. I am glad I had the opportunity to attend this seminar.”
Shellie Erskine
Lite 96.9

“Thank you so much for giving traffic personnel from around the state the opportunity to come together for advice and camaraderie. So often, we’re the “overlooked” department and it was refreshing to have something just for us. Larry Keene was delightful and informative and gave us some wisdom to take back to our stations and daily lives. I really hope ABA gives us the opportunity to do this again next year.”
Sherri Clark
Traffic Manager
Cox Radio – Birmingham

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Bonura seminar! It was truly awesome! I have been trying some of the techniques, and I took a lot from the entire day! Thanks again for selecting such an inspiring speaker!”
Shannon Edwards
Local Account Executive
WCOV Fox 20

“[Joe Bonura] was a great speaker. I really enjoyed his enthusiasm during the seminar, and how knowledgeable he was in my line of work. He has me cold calling on a Friday just to see what my numbers are.”
Triskin Doyal
Account Executive
CBS 42

“The Joe Bonura sales seminar in Huntsville was a terrific investment of our staff’s time. Joe had much to share that will no doubt expand the billing horizons of sales professionals willing to apply his tips and techniques. Perhaps we should all remember to “Throw The Rabbit” a bit more often.”
Tommy Lee
WQSB WAVU Mix-102.9 Radio

“While it is fresh in my mind, I want to say ‘thank you” for hosting such a great state convention. I have been hanging around with this bunch since I worked for “Charlie B” Boman, back in the dark ages, and I have seen a lot of ABA’s. Also, since my career took me to other states, I have seen a lot of other states versions of a state convention. And, since I have been selling equipment for the last seven years, I have attended countless state conventions….all of which qualifies me to state this has to be one of the best ever.

The continued improvements made in the past by Ben and Jerdan and the excellent staff topped off with your fresh look at the event, made it a winner. Planning for this one was perfect, as a vendor I had plenty of opportunity to show my wares to broadcasters, mingle with the folks and have some cherished conversations with those in this great business. Heck, I didn’t even mind that some of my competitors showed up to exhibit; I think it gave this convention “legs”. The programs were on the nose for the management types and the engineers I talked with, certainly welcomed having an SBE deal right here in the state. As always, plan on me for the ’07 show. See you on the beach.”
Bob Mayben
Regional Sales Manager

“I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thanks for a great ABA convention. I’m sure there is very much work that goes into planning these. You did an excellent job. This is the 4th convention that my wife and I have attended. She said she enjoyed this one more than any of the others…and I agree with her. Again, thanks for a job well done.”
Ted McCreless

(To: Jim Mathis)
“I enjoyed your [ABA Convention] program very much even though it was the short version. I was taking notes, even though I’m possibly a closet D and have already spoken to one of my sales people about how she can apply what I learned to herself and her clients. I went into your session intending to learn something (and did), you had the best presentation of material of any I attended. I’m sorry for those that did not attend because of what they missed but happy because my competitors were not there. We are ahead of them and with your information will get farther ahead.”
Chuck Woodard

“This job fair was great! The people who attended it were looking for positions in our industry. We got over 30 qualified job candidates.”
Mike Brooks
General Manager
WSWS-TV Opelika

“The Huntsville Career Fair was a big success for us. We filled two part-time positions and hired one salesperson from the event! We were very happy with the response! ”
Bill West
Market Manager
Cumulus Huntsville

“The Huntsville Career Fair hosted by the ABA was a huge success. It was by far one of the better career fairs in which our stations have participated.”
Rick Brown
Clear Channel Huntsville

“Thank you for making the [Sales Seminar/Career Fair] financially and logistically accessible for me AND the students ($15 vs. $70 and a bargain @ $70!). It was a wonderful experience for us all. I counted 61 of my students at the career fair, 15 of whom attended the sales seminar too. It was a wonderful experience for us all on many levels.
Professor E-K. Daufin, Ph.D.
Department of Communications
Alabama State University

“Again this year, WAFF 48 took advantage of the FCC Alternative Inspection Program offered by the ABA. Former FCC engineer Angelo Ditty spent a day with us in July reviewing all of the Public File issues and the engineering issues that would be examined if the FCC ever came to the station for an official visit. Angelo was very thorough in going through all of the issues and he challenged us to rethink the way we were handling some things. All in all, his visit was very productive. The Alternative Inspection Program accomplishes two things. First, it gives station management piece of mind that the team really is addressing the issues that are important to the FCC and is staying up to date on procedures and record keeping. Second, stations that pass the inspection receive a three year period of immunity from inspection by the FCC Atlanta Field Office Bureau. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Lee Meredith
>General Manage

“Just a note to say that I really like the monthly ‘important dates’ sheet you guys send out. Keep them coming”
George Singleton
General Manager

“It’s our pleasure to run the [PEP] spots, we appreciate all the helpful benefits we receive from the ABA.
Thanks for all your help. It’s great to have an organization that is so helpful to answer all our questions so promptly.”
Shelia Richardson
WEIS – 990 AM
The Voice of Cherokee County

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